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Tapping the $6 Trillion Opportunity in AI

  • AI is at a breakthrough moment and offers game-changing innovation for consumers
  • Large tech platforms are best positioned to benefit from AI due to the required investment in data storage, engineering, processing speeds, and more.
  • AI has the potential to tap into a $6 trillion offline spending opportunity.
  • AI can revolutionize online search, commerce, and content, and digitize untapped offline spending.
  • Advertising, e-commerce, travel, shared economy, and the cloud are particularly poised to benefit from the evolution of AI tools.
  • AI-driven tech innovation will lead to changes in consumer behavior, new enterprise revenue and productivity enablers, and disruption to sectors slow to adapt.
  • Companies with large, unique, and high-quality data sets, and a willingness and ability to invest, will be better able to optimize their models.

The Next Frontier in AI: Computers That Think Like Humans

  • Cognitive computing uses data to simulate human thought process and solve complex problems
  • Neuromorphic computing, using artificial neurons to mimic the human brain, could power robots and smart devices with less processing power
  • Companies developing and using the technology could be good investment opportunities
  • Two major classes of cognitive computing: independent tasks and augmentation of human capabilities
  • Cognitive systems can learn, understand natural language, and interact more naturally with humans
  • Neuromorphic chips promise exponential improvements in computing performance, able to sense, learn, infer, and make real-time decisions
  • Tech leaders with mature platforms and key data-center providers are well-positioned to benefit from cognitive computing
  • Ethical implications of cognitive computing must be considered, including data security and privacy, impact on employment, ingrained bias, and safety concerns


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